Choose Outdoor Furniture, Get Closer To Nature

- Apr 18, 2020-

With people's admiration for outdoor life, more and more people pay more attention to the decoration of the balcony, making this small corner where you can enjoy the sun freely more comfortable, and outdoor furniture naturally has a "place of use". At present, there are many types of outdoor furniture, such as umbrellas, beach chairs, wooden tables and chairs, rattan outdoor tables and chairs, outdoor coffee tables, garden furniture, patio umbrella swings, and gazebo series. The products are mainly suitable for home courtyards, balconies, and business break District, cafe, etc. Compared with large outdoor furniture, small outdoor furniture is more suitable for home use, so it is also more popular.

Small outdoor furniture is more favored

After work, after tea and dinner, drinking tea and playing chess on the balcony and terrace garden has become a higher level of life enjoyment. When many people create leisure spaces such as balconies and home gardens, they not only pursue spacious comfort in space, but also appear quite professional in furniture layout, reflecting a relaxed and casual lifestyle. Of these arrangements, of course, the ingenious use of outdoor furniture is indispensable.

Many people think that outdoor furniture can only be used in large gardens, large terraces, or large balconies, but many customers who buy outdoor furniture do not have large gardens and large balconies at home. They will choose some of their own balconies. Small outdoor furniture with a matching area. Shenyang citizen Mr. Han ’s new residence has two balconies. The secondary balcony is connected to the main bedroom and the main balcony is connected to the living room. Mr. Han set a part of the main balcony connected to the living room as a leisure area, intending to place two outdoor lounge chairs and a coffee table.

Ms. Li, who is engaged in the sale of outdoor furniture, said: "More than half of the customers who look at outdoor furniture do not have a garden or a large terrace in their homes. Most of the outdoor furniture they buy is used on the balcony. In fact, small outdoor furniture of about 2 square meters can be easily placed .Compared with large outdoor furniture, small outdoor furniture in specialty stores is more popular. "

Shape design closer to nature

Nowadays, the shape design of outdoor furniture pays more attention to people's inner feelings, with the theme of streamline, arc, leaves and flowers as the theme, giving people a feeling of being close to nature. Its design principles are in accordance with the curve of the human body and its own material attributes As two reference points, the overall shape is full of fluency and rhythm. Lying on a recliner or leaning on a rocking chair, the body can maintain a most comfortable state. In terms of materials, in addition to the traditional high-humidity and heat-resistant plastics, steel, and rattan, solid pine wood with high cost performance and durable poplar wood are also loved by the outdoor family. Salesperson Miss Li introduced: "At present, most customers prefer products with bright colors, light materials and simple shapes in the selection of outdoor furniture. Designers of outdoor furniture are committed to using clever techniques and special textures in materials. Seeking the most perfect combination performance. "

Outdoor furniture should be anti-corrosion and sun-resistant

Outdoor furniture is usually placed on terraces, gardens, balconies, and it is inevitable that the sun will blow. Therefore, this type of furniture must be more anti-corrosive and sun-resistant than general furniture. Outdoor furniture should be strong as the first element. Outdoor furniture often faces strong winds and scorching sun, so whether it is strong is very important. Generally speaking, wood is the preferred material, and wood with large oil content should be selected, such as fir, pine, teak, etc., and must be anti-corrosion treatment; the production process is also very important, because long-term exposure, deformation is inevitable. ]

If the craftsmanship is not satisfactory, the furniture is likely to fall apart due to poor tenon joints or incorrect expansion coefficients; in addition, wooden outdoor furniture needs frequent maintenance with wood oil or paint. Compared with wooden outdoor furniture, the metal material is more durable, aluminum or waterproof alloy is the best, but pay attention to prevent impact. The bamboo and rattan outdoor furniture is beautiful, but the price is expensive, and it is difficult to take care of, and it is easy to accumulate dust and mold, so be sure to choose good quality and specially treated. However, there is a kind of rattan-like outdoor furniture on the market-West rattan, the price is cheaper than rattan, just dirty and brushed, and durable, more suitable for outdoor use.